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Here’s why you should choose a WarmRoof™ System

The affordable, breathable system that adds value to your home!

  • WarmRoof is fully compliant with building regulations Part L. ( Conservation of fuel and power )
  • The multi layered WarmRoof System, is independently tested and certified with a thermal value of 0.17U,
    and is fully compliant with building regulations Part F.
  • Fully Breathable with exclusive ventilation system to completely eliminate condensation.
  • WarmRoof has full structural calculations for building control certification.
  • 150mm of noise-reducing thermal insulation.
  • All guttering is interchangeable, can match almost any style or colour to suit your individual needs.
  • WarmRoof only takes only 2-3 days to install.
  • WarmRoof needs no Building Regulations or planning permissions.

  • Choice of smooth plaster or panel internal ceiling finishes.
  • Wide range of authentic-looking premium synthetic slate tile to choose from.
  • Lightweight aluminium bespoke system, significantly lighter than other systems.
  • Tiles are strong, versatile and recyclable with a 40 year warranty.
  • Large roof windows available to maximise light.
  • WarmRoof is lightweight and designed to fit any conservatory size, style and shape.
  • WarmRoof is versatile and can accommodate multiple roof windows and wood burner flues.
  • WarmRoof like an extension allows all year round usage and will add value to your home.

Ready to install your WarmRoof™ System?

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