Will my conservatory walls be strong enough to take a solid roof conversion?

Yes. WarmRoof™ has been specially designed and manufactured for this purpose and is extra lightweight – lighter than its competitors – as well as strong.

Is condensation likely to become a problem?

No. WarmRoof™ is the only fully breathable system, exclusively designed by us, to eliminate any condensation build up now and in years to come.

Will we save on energy bills with The WarmRoof™ system?

Yes. Almost certainly. Our multi-layered insulated WarmRoof™ system gives it an extremely low thermal value which means heat will be fully retained where before it escaped through the roof area as heat rises.

I have central heating in my conservatory. Will I still notice a difference in warmth in winter with a WarmRoof™ ?

Yes. There will be no draughts or leaks, and you’ll be able to achieve the same temperature without
having to turn your radiator up during the winter months. So you’ll save on fuel bills.

Will I still be able to retain that lovely light feeling with a WarmRoof ?

Yes. It won’t be quite as light, but you have the choice of how many roof windows you would like
and you still have all the natural light from the glazed windows.

Will my WarmRoof help with sound proofing?

Definitely. The density of the multi layered insulation cuts right down on noise giving greater
soundproofing between you and the elements it will be much quieter.

Will the conversion take long? Is it very disruptive?

No. Usually 2-3 days, and contained within the one area. The room is never left overnight without a
watertight casing.

Will I need planning permission?

No . Not as long as you’re not extending the conservatory and it’s at ground floor level.

Will it cost as much as a full extension?

No. Not nearly as much. Prices vary as every new conservatory or conversion is different. It takes less time to build, less cost to build but delivers the same results as an extension.

Will it add value to my home?

Yes A WarmRoof ™ conversion means the room will then be viewed as an extension rather than a
conservatory , which will add value to your home.

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